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Modaato create quality products to enrich your life and beautify your home. We design our products to simplify your life. Our product range is diverse and expanding from homewares, travel and office products.

We are an international consumer goods focused on long-term relationships with international suppliers to ensure we bring our customers exciting new products of exceptional quality. Our drive is to create products that stand out both in quality and style to make your life easier.

About Us

Our Promise

Modaato are a successful international brand focused on delivering an expanding range of quality products to our customers. Our directors have over 25 years combined commercial experience. This includes owning and operating multiple successful businesses and securing high-value contracts. We value strong life-long professional relationships with our business partners and our customers. We operate with honesty, integrity & professionalism with a focus on great communication and customer service. With a fantastic employee support team of reliable staff, our customers are provided with a high level of service with all orders and queries responded to quickly and effectively.

Our Customers

We provide our customers with an exceptionally high level of customer service, maintain consistent product quality standards and respond to all orders and queries quickly and effectively.



Modaato is an international importing and exporting trading company with representation in Europe and the US. With our distribution expertise, access to massive markets and global distribution base, we are open to all forms of partnerships, including professional partners in distribution, manufacturing and other JVs. Long-term, honorable relationships are the focus of our successful partnerships.

  1. Manufacturers & Suppliers
  2. Brokers
  3. Distributors
  4. Retailers

Our Process

1 - Dialogue


2 - Negotiation


3 - Engagement


4 - Contract


5 - Ongoing Relationship


6 - Review


Global Reach

We are a successful international trading company focused on the North American and European consumer goods markets. We distribute a diverse range of consumer products throughout these markets and have established warehousing and distribution facilities. Our major facilities are located in close proximity to multi-node major transport hubs (air, sea, train & road). We have strong, well-established relationships with numerous distribution & sales channels within North American & Europe.

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